Best Buy to End Apple Store-exclusiveness of Apple Watch this August

July 31, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not all the Apple Watch adorers were lucky enough to grasp their piece on its initial batch of sales.

The production mishap in displays did its job during the initial days, and the lack of physical-store availability carried it through to the mid of June. The scenario is however getting buttered with ease now.


Stepping in as the first non-Apple store for purchasing Apple Watches is one of the largest retailer chains in the US. Best Buy is gearing up to offer the latest hardware line of Apple starting this August.

Over hundreds of physical stores along with their online space will let users pick Apple Watch to their cart from August 7th.

Jason Bonfig, senior category officer at Best Buy, expressed excitement in welcoming the ‘big addition’, which he also acknowledged as a product customers are eagerly looking for.

The update  from Best Buy reveals that the Apple Watch availability will be expanded to over 200 physical stores when the holiday season springs up.

Currently, up to 16 variants of Apple Watch will be offered in both the physical stores, and on their websites. It will include the Sport and Watch variants of the Apple Watch, and will be made available in both the sizes; 38mm and 42mm.

Besides the Apple hardware, Best Buy will also offer a range of add-ons and accessories like watch bands, screen shields, stands, chargers and more.

Despite creating mammoth figures in its initial day of sales, Apple turned a major part of their customers down due to the failure of product shipment to catch-up with demand.

The crisis with AMOLED display production subsequently forced them to cut-down the shipment numbers. But having crossed three months since its debut in the market, Apple Watch is gradually having itself unplugged of those whacks, as pointed by the entry of Best Buy with Apple Watch.


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