YouTube Overhauls Smartphone Apps

July 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Some of the Android users out there might have noticed the new layout refinements in their YouTube app by now. It isn’t any secret update.

The new overhaul is a part of the latest update released by the video-sharing platform announced at VidCon event in Southern California.

As a measure to oil the wheels with smartphone experience, YouTube has brought up some melodic redesigns with its smartphone app, which now welcomes you with a multiple-tab layout like those in Whatsapp.


Currently, the upgrade has been rolled out only on Android devices, and YouTube will soon be hauling the redesign to iOS devices.

The multiple-tab interface includes a home page tab that stacks contents similar to the old homepage, pulling out the videos of interests for you.

The central tab is dedicated for subscriptions, letting you browse through the subscribed channels, and also letting you manage them.

The last of the tab is a new account tab that throws a few options from the Action Bar settings like History, liked videos etc.

The space also brings an upload button, so that you could share videos from your smartphone directly with just a button touch.

Some new editing and filtering tools have been included with the new redesign, which will also offer the support for vertical video playback.

Speaking at the event, CEO Susan Wojcicki explained that the mobile platform has grown up to be their top priority in the recent years.

There are reasons to justify this. More than half of the video-views happen to be from mobile devices, the revenue of which is clocking its growth at 100%.

Despite facing closer rivalry from other social media platforms with video-uploads, YouTube has managed to rake up a watch time of more than 60%, its biggest in the recent years.

They are also planning to setup new production house in Mumbai and Toronto, making the total number to five with the current ones situated at New York, Berlin, and Sao Paulo.

The new redesign has been currently made available only for the Android devices.


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