Line Lite to Keep You Ticking Even on Dry Network Speeds

July 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Following the entry of Facebook Lite in developing markets, instant messenger app Line is now stepping up to follow the exact path.

A new lighter version of the app is now made available for the emerging markets to skip the network barriers.

Known as Line Lite , the app ensures minimal usage of network data with the trimmed services being made available in it. Support for audio and video texting has been omitted from the app. They have also got rid of the Timeline feature.


However, it will support the basic Line features like group chatting, stickers and image sharing. New features will soon be injected into the Line app. Users can log-in using their existing Line credentials, or can register to Line services with new sign-up.

The app also ensures that it eats up minimal space from your smartphone devices. With a size of 912 KB, the developers claim that the app will use less space for data storage and cache than in the original app.

With these adaptations, Line is billing the app to be a favorite among the low-end smartphone users, and those residing in areas with poor or slow data connections.

The app has been currently made available to eleven countries, namely Algeria, Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Vietnam.

The app will be further expanded to other regions after analyzing the demands and needs of users across various countries. Currently, the app is available only for Android users. Line has also recently rolled out a music app dedicated for the service of music streaming on Android and iOS devices.

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