Microsoft Send Arrives; Email App for Concise Text

July 27, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Outlook app from Microsoft will be joined by a new companion across the US and Canada.

It’s called Send, the new email app from Microsoft that will be heading initially for the iOS users in the mentioned region. So why get hooked up with two apps with the same account, and for the same purpose?

The answer is well explained by Microsoft in their announcement. Despite being an email platform, Microsoft’s Send app will only partly form a lineage with the Outlook app.

In fact, it rather works like a quick messenger service that inscribes the messages via emails.


Send is a dedicated platform for sending short and brief-content mails to your contacts.  The intent here is to provide an easy way of information exchange between co-workers.

With an appeal like that of text messages and IM services, Microsoft says the benefit of Send app lies in the easiness it provides over the rest.

Being able to tap quick messages by just knowing the email ids, Send skips the necessity of knowing contact numbers or account names, without which other IM apps seldom let us start a conversation.

Send is also distinct with its offering of email access from Outlook. Unlike in the other email IMs, Send enables users to peek into their Send history from Outlook through app or web.

However, content projected inside the Send app would always remain undisturbed from your normal emails, those sent and received through Outlook.

Users wishing to check this new app must also make sure they have an active Office 365 business or school email account. That’s another barrier setup by Microsoft for the time being apart from the platform and regional restrictions.

Although, relaxations can be expected in the coming days since Microsoft plans to seek feedback for app expansion, including support for Android devices.

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