Commodore Returns; Retro PC is Now an Android Smartphone

July 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember the best-selling computers that peeked into our home during the 80s, much before Windows and Macs replaced them?

Commodore is a name that was in vogue then. You would be more than glad to know that they are back in business.

It’s not any retro affair that’s on the hunt for pitching a new-age PC based on your childhood favorite. Commodore, in fact, will now be appearing with the hood of a smartphone.

commodore PET

Italian entrepreneurs Massimo Canigiani and Carlo Scattolini have now given a touch of redesign to bring out a new Android smartphone that’s named Commodore Pet, inspired from the model that gave the leg up to Commodore 64 for the early-80s PC revolution.

But don’t think the relation is put to shelves just with the name; Commodore has got more inside it to relieve your childhood PC memories.

The Android running smartphone will feature a pack of two emulators, which will let you try your hands at some of the Amigo and C64 games. Not sure which all will be the titles that would appear, but you could expect a bunch of retro titles to pop up.

Going by the new design, the new version PET doesn’t get close to bear any resemblance with the retro PC, and is rather a decent built Android smartphone of the current-gen.

commodore PET-2

The 5.5 inch smartphone will have a display of 1920×1080 resolution, on top of which the protection will be provided by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

A 1.7 GHz Mediatek 64-bit octa-core processor forms the heart of the device and it comes paired with ARM Mali T760 for the GPU tasks.

The device offers full HD recording using the 13MP primary cam that’s featured on its rear. It’s accompanied by an 8MP camera on the front side that offers wide angle capture of 80-degrees.

Pet will offer support for dual-SIM, with LTE connections compatible in both the slots. The battery capability is of 3000 mAh.

Commodore Pet will be made available in two variants. The one priced at $300 will provide the base storage and RAM offering, while the $365 priced version will have a better powered RAM with vamped up storage.

The devices can soon be expected to be flushed in to the US, as the current branding rights provide the company an access to around 38 countries around the world.

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