Google+ Photos to Give Way to New and Improved Photos App

July 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The doomsday is nearing for Google+ Photos. We all knew it; but it now gets official.

Google has announced that their long serving app for photo storage will now make way for the new and refined Google Photos app; you better not be confused with the names.

Google in their announcement says that the Google+ version will be shelved shortly after 1st of August.


Which means, all users willing to peep into their media or put some more into it might have to get the new version of the Photos app, which is called the Google Photos.

The current dying version of Photos app has started welcoming its users with a screen that reminds them about bidding adieu.

With a message that reads ‘update required’, the welcome screen provides a link for users to download the update for Google Photos. Users can skip the part though, but only until the midnight of July 31, following which the wires will be pulled off from the app at any time.

Google also ensures that the photos and videos in their account will be placed intact to be fetched from the new app, or using Google Takeout.

The new Photos service from Google was introduced during May, as a part of providing a better experience with photo storage and handling.

Google Photos presented a new searchable platform for the files stored, which were also organized in a smart manner.

However, some users have also registered their disapproval in their move due to the absence of some features like PhotoSphere and other editing tools in the newly brought up app.

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