Protect Your iPad with the New Rugged Casing from Logitech

July 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Logitech is stepping up efforts to prove that they are not just confined to a name in PC peripherals. The company is now bringing forward a new range of protective casings for the Apple iPad.

The new Blok series of iPad cases will be launched into the market under the Logi brand.

As it has been the case with their PC products, the new range of cases has been designed thinking outside the box. Instead of offering a bulky protective shell to your iPads, the new Blok cases will have dedicated corners of protection, thanks to the added layer of extra-absorbent polymers.


The design sticks with that of the device without offering any extra thickness, making it deviated from the rest of the available casings. It will also offer a gripping support in the front to prevent front-screen scratches and cracks.

The new Blok cases will be made available in three variants; the simple Protective Shell, the one with a supportive stand, and the other with an added keyboard.

Logi Blok Protective Shell will be sold at $40 and will offer the support for iPad Air 2 devices as well as iPad Mini devices. The casing will cost $30 extra if you prefer the multi-angle support to be fixed long with it. Both of them will be made available in the shades of black, red/violet, and teal/blue.


The final variant is the one with a detachable keyboard and is priced at $130. The keyboards can also serve as a flip-screen guard when closed.

It will be available in all shades mentioned before, except for the red/violet shade. The cases will be made available in the markets of U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries by next month.

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