Moov Now Fitness Tracker Powered by AI

July 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Yet another fitness wearable is now gearing up to penetrate the market in the hundred-dollar range. Moov Now is the new device that wants to get you going with your fitness regime.

But then, why prefer a new device when there’s already a plethora of similar devices in the market? May be the device has got the right answer you are seeking for.

Moov Now is not just the basic fitness tracker to count your sleeping time and running time. Instead, it’s an artificially intelligent coaching fitness device that desires to give you the right oomph in your fitness activities.


The wearable part of the device itself boasts a step-count measure that involves 3D spacing of your moves, be that in running, cycling, or swimming.

And then arrives the app, which is more of a highly evolved personal trainer rather than the one that displays mere output measurements.

Moov Now’s accompanying app offers real-time coaching instructions for multiple sport activities. The biomechanics are analyzed in-depth by the app and instructions and feedbacks are provided accordingly.

The working of Moov Now runs parallel to that of the original Moov, but packs some solid improvements besides some of the aforementioned.   The wearable has now transformed in its look with a new mesh design, and overall has become slimmer and lighter.

The rechargeable battery inside is now replaced by a watch battery, which offers life of up to 6 months; months of charging-free usage is a key advantage even if having to replace it over a period.  There is also an improved processor packed in the device that offers double the performance of the initial Moov.

Moov Now is priced at $99, but has got some catchy pre-order offers  for the early birds. A bundle of the wearable device, battery and two armbands will cost you only $59.99.

You could also buy a pair of Moov Now gadget now at its original price of $100. There’s also a family pack available that will hand specified number of Moov Now wearable at $50 each. Shipping will commence during November this year.

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