Volvo Wants Your Babies to be Seated Safe as a Co-rider

July 22, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In the automobile industry, the priority has always been, and will remain, safety.

Not an underwhelming statement this, taking into account the safety features that are brought into modern-day cars.

From air-bags to stability controls, automated braking to even fully automated cars, human brains have been pioneering the word safety in cars to quite a laudable level. But has anyone been considering the safety of the young travelers?

volvo baby seat

Yes, indeed.  Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is now showing the world that it cares for the infants. A new initiative has been unveiled by the company that completely rips off the current concepts of rider-co-rider seating in automotives.

They call it the Excellence Child Seat, which is nothing but a baby seat designed for the young ones. The newly designed concept not just excels with its baby-friendly design.

Instead, it’s been drawing amuses from the all over for the rejigs with seating arrangements. Step into a model with Excellence Child Seat, and you will find that there’s no room for anyone in the front, except for the driver and the baby.

Volvo has ingeniously put the baby seat on the front, and has offered swiveling features to make the seats safer, and rear-facing. Not just can they be swiveled, these seats can also be tilted, and moved back and forth.

The baby seat is placed on a raised platform, beneath which they have offered the bootspace for loading baby-stuff like bottles, nappies and blankets.

Besides offering the kids a rearward safe seating position, Volvo has also made it sure that it’s easy to get the kids into and off the seat, both in the perspectives of ergonomics, as well as comfort.

Volvo hasn’t brought the concept to production yet. But there’s no doubt that the feature would have massive applause from families once it is made available in the market.

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