Microsoft HoloLens; Yes for Holography, No Thanks for its Field of View

July 22, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Microsoft announced their ambitious HoloLens device, we were all left dumbfounded.  One among the many bright prospects of virtual reality is its immersive 360 degree viewing. Going by what’s been hyped, we are supposed to be treated with a beyond 3D display when donning the HoloLens, aren’t we?

Ok, that’s supposed to be too extravagant. But at least, we would never expect a visual degradation. But, HoloLens does have a concern to address in that regard, and that’s with its field of view.


Geeks who have had a hands-on experience with the Hololens have already raised their eyebrows regarding the field of view for holographic imageries. And now, it’s drawing even more curious minds with the latest video depicting what it is capable of.

The video showcases one among its nicest fields of applications, the human anatomy study. Forget all the tech-concerns and you will find the video to be pretty amusing, envisioning how the future learning could be. But hold on, can’t we just have a wider holographic glimpse of that spiral and compound bone fractures? Unfortunately, no!

Of course, we could find succor by believing that there’s still lot of time before the product comes out in its final form. But it won’t be bringing a massive improvement with its field of view. Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda has already made it clear that it’s near to impossible to have a complete peripheral field of view.

The measurements in the current devices are not final. These may be improved when it enters commercial production, but how better would that be? We may have to discern a bit deeper, that’s what the words from Tsunoda suggest. See what he says in the video below.

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