Buy Button from Google Goes Live on Smartphones

July 20, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You have heard of it before, the Buy button from Google that would let you do away with e-commerce shopping in quick time.

But those were like the voices from an unseen character. We never saw the option coming out in the search page even with rumors coming out like flash floods.

Anyway, the unseen has now finally decided to shed off its invisibility, as Google has introduced the new ‘Purchase on Google’ feature across its smartphone devices.


Google’s giant leap into the world of e-commerce is now up and running, with a handful of companies buoying it up with Google in its run. The Purchase on Google will now provide an enhanced list of shopping items when making searches through Google Chrome on Android devices.

Say, you want a shoe from Under Armour, just tap for it in Google Chrome and you could note a new Buy button that gets popped up along with the previously displayed shopping suggestions.

The difference here is that clicking on the Buy button will now take you to a new window, unlike redirecting you to the seller page for direct transaction.


You could provide details like color, quantity, size under the Google’s intermittent page, and could also select the mode of payment from previously stored details in your Google Account. The effort is similar to ‘Place and Order’ feature introduced by Google for food items in the US a few months back.

Google has devised the new effort hoping to ease the e-shopping experience when carried out through smartphones.

Along with the buy button, Google has also introduced a host of new refinements in the search result display like sideway scrolling to access the in-depth details of an e-commerce product like rating, nearby shops and other details.

You could check out the entire features in their blog.

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