Google Maps Now Lets You Sync Locations from PC to Smartphones

July 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphones are turning out to be the new word for computing. From searches to e-commerce, online payments to social networking, everything across the internet world is now getting shrunk to attract small screens. The case is same even for map locations.

But still, there are people who prefer the widescreen display while hunting for locations. To be fair, those are better viewed in PCs rather than on smartphones.

But only after the countless searches and routing do we realize that PCs aren’t blessed with the portability factor. Now thankfully, Google is letting us ease out of this awkwardness.


From now on, searching of locations on your PC will spawn a new option just beneath the cards on left, and that’s the option to share the location to the Android running smartphone devices.

A new button called ‘Send to Device’ has been now arranged on the PC layout for users to share the location to the smartphone devices they use.

Users can select the device to which they want to share location details, provided that the Google account remains the same on PC and the smartphone to which info has to be shared.

Clicking on the device will instantly pop a notification, clicking upon which users could spot the location directly in their Google Maps application.

This is viewed indeed as a good option. Quite apparently, we all might have bumped into similar situation where we had to take snaps of the map location from PCs.

But still, it could have been better. Google Maps currently offers this sharing feature only to locations, which mean you would still have to input the destination or other locations to route your way across the map on smartphones.

Had there been an option to share the routes from PC to smartphones, we  guess this would have worked way better.

Check it out here.


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