Meerkat Update can Turn Viewers to Streamers for a Cameo Play

July 17, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Social media is all about sharing. All you pine for is to unfurl your bits and pieces for maximum reach within your circle, or sometimes even beyond.

With the evolution of sharing came features like tagging, bonding multiple accounts under a single pin-up and the like.

The latest app getting a hang of this feature is Meerkat, which has now introduced a new update to let viewers be more involved with the live streams.


The live broadcasting app has been seeking its shots to go head-on with the rival platform Periscope from Twitter, and the effort has now given birth to one of the biggest update of the app ever since its introduction.

The most noticeable aspect of the update, which rolled out recently, is the new ‘Cameo’ feature, letting others to take control of the streams for a short duration.

Users broadcasting live streams can now hand over the stream to broadcast videos from that of viewers, for up to 60 seconds.  Streams can be ended and switched at any time by the streamer, as well as the viewer.

All you are required to do is to tap the viewer name along with a Comment that reads Cameo. The involvement can also be triggered by visiting the profile of the desired viewer. The stream will automatically be returned to the initial broadcaster if not being ended before the duration of 60 seconds.

Another big update is with the new alliance of Meerkat with Facebook API, following their rift with Twitter after the introduction of Periscope, which in a way kicked the live streaming app out of the Twitter platform.

Recent headways have witnessed a closer affiliation of Meerkat with Facebook. And now, users are allowed to log in to Meerkat using their Facebook credentials. Previously, users were required to have Twitter accounts to have a space in the live streaming app.

There’s also an updated Meerkat Library, which will now be the place of storage for your streams, rather than bulking it up on your devices. Streams can now be managed within the Library, letting users share the desired videos for broadcasting.

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