Vine iOS Update Lets You Post HD Videos

July 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As assured back in the early months of this year, Vine has woken up the HD powers.

A new update has now been released by the short video networking app that offers HD video uploads, as well as some new tweaks that would let users to peek into accounts outside of their friend book and Twitter circle.

The new update means that users could now directly tap in to search for some suggested accounts.


The accounts would be of those involved with frequent posting and highly-rated video uploads, which in effect would work as a promotion for some of the high-profile accounts.

Vine will also have a dedicated desk to hand-pick the suggested members, so that you can get relieved from any weird AI suggestions as like in some other networks.

The new feature has been rolled  out to the iOS app, and users could locate it at the top left corner, where a new icon tagged ‘Find People’ would welcome you to try out with new suggestions.

Previously, users were allowed only a sneak peek at those who are present on their account book, or on their list in the Twitter account.

The other feature that’s releasing alongside with the new update is the support for HD videos.

Users could now upload videos of up to 720p resolution; a measure that’s believed to rush in more uploads from users. The option can be tweaked under the settings by turning on the HD mode.

The video sharing app has been running some noticeable overhauls this year, most noted of which is the recent changes in the display of search results.

Vine, owned by Twitter, is also pondering over measures to have advertisers on-board in the near future.

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