Postmaster Tool from Gmail to Refine Spamming Stratagy

July 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Over the past so many years, the men at Google have been striving forward to crackdown on spam mails that land in your Gmail inboxes. So far, the work has been pretty good. But still, they believe the work is far from complete.

The problem here is not with the arrival of spam into your primary inbox, but with the omission of some important mails from the inboxes.

Often do these mails, typically those which include relevant info like ticket receipts and bank alerts, get wrongly tagged as spam, and Google is desiring to improve such scenarios.


A  new tool has been launched by Google, named the Postmaster. Aimed specifically at the bulk mail senders, the new tool can track down the details of their sent mail like delivery errors and spam reports.

This way, Google is lending a hand to the senders to analyze the errors, so that tweaks can be brought about, by following the Google Guidelines  to fetch those mails to the desired inbox.

Besides, Google has also reworked on its spam filter services to work parallel to those in Google Now and Google Search. New learning signals have been pushed in to help Google pick out between the necessary mails and spammed ones.

It will also be considering the individual preferences to sort the spam mails in a better way in future, like recognizing the wanted messages of some individuals that are reported as spam by the rest.

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