Microsoft Overhauls Bing Maps with Emphasis on Trip Planning

July 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Bing was never a top option for many when it comes to mapping places. It fitted right if it was only to route the destinations. With Google Maps coming in handy, many preferred not to make a switch to Bing, even for the sake of a try out.

But here’s a new update that has adds charm to the mapping services from Microsoft.  

The company has brought about an entirely re-designed Bing preview mode, which completely wipes out the concept of what Bing used to be.


Ensuring that the new overhaul might not just be bonded with its design, Microsoft has also induced new changes with location searches and discoveries, alongside shifting the focus now upon tour planning rather than just taking you towards the end destination.

Travel plans can now be shared with your friends and other members. Search results are now stacked along ‘cards’ on the left of the layout, clicking upon which Microsoft would list out a handful bunch of information regarding the destination like nearby places of interests, contact numbers, operation hours etc.

Searching for the routes will now display multiple options, so that you never get stuck up with the local traffic depending on the sole route Bing displayed previously. It will also display essential check-in places like restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc along the highlighted route.

There are also other improvements like addition of My Locations, instant switching between aerial views and road views, as well as addition and saving of routes.

You could experience all of these features now if heading to the new Preview  made available for the users from US/UK, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, or South Africa. No words as of yet on when the final product will be made available for all the regions.

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