Table 8 App Lets You Make Peak-Time Reservations across Restaurants in NYC

July 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

New Yorkers often end up disappointed when hunting for a place in the restaurants during peak times.

Appstores are being flooded with numerous apps for the purpose, but barely could they help you out if are to book a spot in the eleventh hour.

Keeping this in mind, a new app has hit the app stores now to offer what the citizens have been craving for.


Table8, the quick-reservation app, aims to offer a succor in having last minute reservations across the restaurants in the city during peak and sold-out times.

The app can be used to carry out reservations across 23 restaurants in the city, including those from Marea, Luksus, Blanca, má pêche and The Cecil. Reservations carried out through the app wouldn’t cost you a penny extra if the availability is plenty.

However, peak time charges vary accordingly with the availability on the specific date. Charges are regardless of per-head entries made on a single reservation.

The emphasis is on people who want to grab a spot for quick business diners, as well as for locals and travelers who find it hard to make reservations during the rush hours.

The app, coming as an outsider to the city having started its journey from the city of San Francisco, has been going through an expansion process following the $4.6 million equity share granted last year.

Besides New York and San Francisco, the app also lets users reserve seats across other locations which include Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and Atlanta.

Table 8 is available for both iOS as well as Android devices . The services could also be accessed via their website.

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