Facebook will Recognize You Even if Your Face is Hidden

June 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ok, so you think hiding your face beneath a mask would be of help to disguise yourself? That may serve you well to keep your identities off from any unfamiliar eyes, but not from Facebook.

The AI team involved with the social networking platform is currently working on an algorithm that would pull you out from the snaps even if leaving your face pic is inaccessible.

With the help of this new algorithm, Facebook will be able to recognize you and it doesn’t matter even if you have your face turned away from the camera lens.


What makes this possible is the switch of recognition-algorithm to other facets like clothing, hairstyles, and body gait.

The experiment with this new recognition involved over 40,000 images lined-up from Flickr. The new algorithm managed to score over 83% accuracy in recognizing people.

Quite Apparently, Facebook will be soon launching this new mode of recognition to its recently launched photo-app, Moments.

Being an image-sharing service, people may swiftly use the app to detect images in which they gets tagged, like in images of any public gatherings or those snapped during a hangout session with their friends.

Although pacing up the technology, it has started drawing equal shares of concerns regarding privacy. Not all may be giving the nod to a technology that drives them out to the public when they have opposing desires.

We will have to wait for the new technology to step down on the apps to witness how sever these concerns would stand out to be.

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