Ello Ad-Free Social Networking is Now Available as iOS App

June 27, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After staying under the hood of an invitation-based service for nearly a year, Ello is now stepping out to embrace a broader spectrum of people.

The developers of the service have now announced that the ad-free social networking site will no longer remain a by-invitation-only feature.

As a part of the new initiative, an iOS app has also been announced by the developers, with Android and Windows Phone versions following this summer.


The service, which is still in beta, was developed by Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger last year to rival social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike the latter, Ello provided an ad-free interface with zero transmission of customer data to third party sites. The service also doesn’t enforce the real-name policy.

Launched during March 2014, Ello rebranded itself as a benefit organization during October, following which $5.5 million was raised from crowd-sourcing.

The service started grabbing attention during September last year, during which the invitation were priced at its peak on e-commerce sites.

The services are free for the time-being, with future plans suggesting an inclusion of premium features that would demand a sum of payment by users.

The app version of Ello will also bring out new features. Besides these, Ello will soon be rolling out updates to its services with an aim to expand the popularity among users.

Those include messenger services, Hashtag integration, real-time notifications and group integration. Currently the company claims that there are millions of users around the world who prefer the ad-free world of Ello over its other counterparts.

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