Devialet Phantom to Touch Down in the US this Summer with a Broader Appeal

June 26, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With the $20-million crowd-sourcing now post its wind-up, French manufacturers Devialet is shaping it up to bring their Phantom speakers to the US shores.

The high-end speakers will also have a step-down as it touches the US market, to appeal to a broader segment in the market.

Devialet Phantom will be running across the US markets for a price of $2000, which is comparatively a downgrade from the rest of their high-end products.


However, Phantom still manages to be at the top notch. The broader appeal hasn’t taken anything away from the high-end factor of the speaker series.

The product made its initial bang at the CES 2015, during which it was also handed with the “Best of CES” award. The speakers can beat your normal Bluetooth speakers with its thumping sound.

What it brings to our ears is an immensely loud audio experience with zero distortion and saturation. The developers claim the net audio effect to be same as that of around 20 speakers of its size put to action.

Enabling streaming through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, Phantom packs an analog-digital hybrid technology, not letting go of the smoothness of analog amplification while boosting the tones with digital amplification.


Four digital amplifiers make it to the inside of these speakers, along with a single analog amplifier that does the job for this high-end speakers.

Devialet will be bringing two versions of Phantom speakers to the US; the 750-watt one and also the 3000-watt one.

The low-powered variant will be arriving for a price of $2000, and the high-powered one will cost $400 extra.

Pre-orders for the device have commenced across the US, with the expected shipment date to be during September.

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