Samsung Envisions See-through Trucks to Quell Overtake Crashes

June 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Getting behind trucks is the least you want to do when cruising down the freeways. That being the case, it only gets worse when you are speeding behind one on two-lane roads.

Getting past these big giants is indeed tough, at the same time worrying.

In countries like Argentina, where more than 80% of the roads comprise only two lanes, risky overtakes have taken away many lives.

safety truck

Showing up to thwart this mess are tech giants Samsung, with a new innovative truck, lovingly called the Safety Truck.

Quite apparently, there isn’t any state-of-the-art technology being loaded in these trucks, as you would expect.

All it makes use of is a pair of wireless cameras fitted near the headlamps, plus a display that gets seated on the rear side of the trailers.

Once the Safety Truck starts its spin, the rear-display will run the footages captured by the front-cams, thus by forming a view of the road ahead for the passengers stuck behind these trucks.

Alongside letting the drivers feel safe for overtakes, it also will help to reduce sudden-brake collisions that occur normally with animal crossings and other interventions.

There is also a night-mode to ensure that the technology remains useful even at dusk.

Samsung carried out the test run of these Safety Trucks along the roads of Argentina, in a tie-up with B2B, a local client.

Although prototype trucks are now taken off the roads, Samsung assures that they will be working deeper on these trucks, with the next step aimed at obtaining sanctions and assistance from the authorities.

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