Lightning Tool from Twitter Wants to Get You Connected with Live Events

June 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s not that Twitter never loved projecting whatever was happening around, but they were limited in a sense.

For instance, the world’s most viewed sporting event may hop on to your timeline only if you start following who’s bringing out those.

Twitter is just about to bring out a new feature that focuses to feed you with tweets that deals more with a real-time approach.

Project Lightning, as it’s called inside, will be the service that would stand-up to fetch live event tweets, images and videos to your timeline with just the click of a button.

The Twitter logo is shown at its corporate headquarters  in San Francisco

As confirmed by a company spokesman, Project Lightning will have a bolt icon being propped at the centre of app menu bars. A click on this icon will take users to the list of live events like an NFL game, or a shooting event, premieres, and live broadcasts.

Select what you want to be indulged in, and Twitter will bring out live videos, images and tweets that are specifically related to the topic.

In a sense, no more will you have to follow anybody or run through their countless number of irrelevant tweets if to be in touch with live events.

Contents that get stacked in under the live events won’t be sorted out by any AI either. Twitter will have editors assigned for this duty; a much convenient way of sorting it out rather than on the basis of suggestions and relations.

If all of these come in the exact form as described, Twitter would bring out an entirely new mode of interaction with events for its users, but why so?

Twitter explains that the focus is to draw in novel users, and to offer rather a straight mode of interaction, without getting the newbie members perplexed.

Previous efforts of Twitter had not reached up to the mark in improving the growth rate of the social networking site, which currently stands at 302 million active users.

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