Skype Wed Edition Public Beta Goes Live for the UK and the US

June 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Skype users needn’t rely anymore on the dedicated app on their desktops to get in touch with their near and dear ones.

New video calling services are now getting rolled out to the web in the form of public beta.

Skype for Web closed beta got launched during the final days of 2014, and users were granted access by means of invitation.

And now, it has been made open to public by the Microsoft-owned company, but only for users from the UK and the US regions as of now.

That means you could now access the website and log-in with their user credentials to bring out the Skyping experience to your browsers.


Instead of the split contact and chat history tabs, the web version will have the two merged to bring out a fresh ‘Timeline’ interface.

Contacts and chat history will automatically be synced when signed in through your browsers.

The service will suit those mobile users who wish to have a big-screen video conference, skipping the need for installing the whole Skype app on their PCs.

It’s also beneficial for those who want Skype access when in remote places and when using unfamiliar computers like in internet cafes.

The services will require certain plug-ins to be pre-installed in your browsers to support the entire features like pop-up notifications.

It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

The web edition will work only on Windows and OS X. Chromebook users will still have to access the app, even if having the browsers and plug-ins installed.

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