One Plus Two Smartphone to Sport Type-C USB Port

June 24, 2015, By Alex Badinici

For quite some time now, we had been expecting the new revolutionary Type-C connectors to find its space among flagship devices.

Rumors even hinted at the inclusion of those in upcoming Galaxy S6 iterations. But those rumors died off this week with the new leaks that hinted at the presence of regular micro USB port in Galaxy S6 Plus.

However, the week is not that disappointing after all. After speculations of Type-C arrival in Sony devices, we now have the news for Type-C connectors making its debut in a One Plus device.

One plus 2

Chinese manufacturer One Plus have announced via Twitter that the upcoming successor to their flagship One Plus One smartphone will pack a Type-C USB port in it, making it the first among flagship devices to feature it.

Coming with greater power delivery and transfer speeds o up to 10GBps, the Type-C connector will have the benefit of offering HDMI and Display Ports all in a single port.

Alongside, it also brings reversibility so that no longer will the plug-in of USB cables be worrying even if plugged upside down.

It will also have backwards-compatibility, so all you require is an adapter if to get your older ports working alongside.

Besides, the One Plus Two will also be raising the standards with the addition of QHD display. Earlier, they have also confirmed that it will pack an 810 Snapdrogon v2.1, specifically designed for the smartphone.

No word is out on the public debut of the device as of now, but the grapevine buzz on the pricing is that it will not be a cheap affair, which won’t be a big deal after all in midst of all these Type-C buzz.

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