Remedy App Would Extend a Helping Hand to Doctors

June 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Advancement of medical field never implies that every single doctor advances in the same pace; that’s near impossible.

We have our own human bounds and doctors are no exception. That’s why they demand a bit of expertise from others so as  to affirm the state and remedy of their patients’ health issues.

This bit of expertise often gulps some valuable time, but a team of two sisters are now up with a remedy for this.


An app named Remedy (not the remedy for patients, but for doctors) has been introduced by Noor and Gina Siddiqui after spending two dedicated years for its development.

The app relies on smartphone technology to speed up things with doctor-to-doctor interactions.

Users, or doctors in this case, can log in to this app following which they could push the ‘on call’ button to seek expert opinion.

According to the developers, the app will always be ready with specialists who are dedicated to fetch a helping hand to the ones logged in. They could even share videos, or images of patients and cases.

Not just that it avoids a large waste of time, it  also skips the need for doctors to send off their patients to other specialists. Besides, the app will also rely on insurance sector to have payments carried out.

Noor and Gina are still working on the final touches of the app, which is now in its beta phase.

But it can soon be expected to be the doctor’s assistant as Remedy has already evoked some good words from the physicians out there.

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