Nest Cam is Here with Updates to Augment Google’s Internet of Things

June 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google-owned Nest has finally taken the wraps off their rumored Nest Cam device, thereby sprucing up their list of home automation products. The announcement also made way for the launch of a refined version of their fire alarm device, the Nest Protect.

Ever since the acquisition of Dropcam by Nest for a whopping $550million, rumors were that Nest will be bolstering the Internet of Things with a new home-monitoring camera, sticking close to the designs of Drop Cam.

The newly announced Nest Cam looks no different from the vamped up version of Drop Cam Pro, which floated across the internet world a week ago.


Even some of the predicted spec-array have turned right with the announcement. Nest Cam will feature video-capture in 1080p resolution, and can handle up to 30 days of continuous footages when synced with Nest Aware, the next newbie from the box by Nest.

Pricing of the Nest Cam is set at $199, with the cloud-service arriving for per-month payments of $10 and $30, based on the storage size.

Coming along with the Nest Cam device is a refined Nest Protect. Version 2.0 of the fire and smoke detector now gets impregnated with a split-spectrum sensor to detect fast-spreading fires.

There’s also a distinct smoke chamber to keep false-alerts rising out of dusts and bugs under control. Further, Nest has also tweaked the designs and life of the device, and all these comes for a pricing of $99.


Nest has also announced the new software updates to its smartphone app along with other novel services, like the aforementioned Nest Aware cloud service.

The new version 5.0 of the Nest app for iOS will bring an App Silence feature to cut down the Nest Protect screams by tapping inside the app.

Nest Cam and Drop Cam can also be now controlled through the app, along with which security updates have also been rolled out to the users.

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