Get Smarter in the Kitchen with June

June 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thanks to smart-age technology, we now have professional chefs in almost all kitchens. With advanced ovens and server-synced apps, cooking your favorite dish turns out to be a stroll across the park.

Yet, there could be many who wish for a preset-less oven that understands what and how you want to cook. For all those, there’s a product coming out of the pot to be your kitchen-mate.

June is the smart and intelligent countertop oven that’s come in as the brainchild of a San Francisco startup.


It’s not that there aren’t any smart ovens out there in the market, but June takes it a bit forward with its ability to observe the cooking process.

The smart oven comes with a camera inside, which will constantly check the food items placed. This along with the synced database makes the oven aware of the cuisine you want to get prepared.

June makes use of the in-built data scale and its intelligence algorithm to zero in on the dish after having a glimpse of the food materials inside. As for the remaining, just leave it to June and rest assured. June will automatically have the cooking procedure selected, temperatures set and will also set the time to be cooked.

There is also a smartphone app that accompanies the oven so as to alert you once the cooking is done. The app can also be used to witness the live cooking inside June. Besides, you could also intervene in the master chef’s cooking by using the smartphone app as the remote. And yes, it does offer countless dish recipes.


At present, the list of recognizable foods is not broad. It does recognize the common food sets like fish, salmon, bacon, cookie dough, brownie mix, toast, bagels, and hamburger buns.  We are pretty sure that the list is sure to swell with the gradual database upgrades.

The unit shipment for June is expected to commence only by June 2016. Pricing for the smart oven doesn’t come cheap either; it’s priced at $1,495, for which users could start with the $95 deposit package.

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