Researchers Forge Wi-FI Technology that Simultaneously Charges Your Devices

June 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We are pretty used to turning off our Wi-Fi signals in our device whenever it sends out the low-battery warning. Well, that’s about to flip sides now. Soon, we may be switching on the Wi-Fi and searching for the hotspot for filling some juice into your devices.

Thanks to researchers at University of Washington, we would soon see a revolution in wireless charging technology. A system to charge your devices through Wi-Fi.

Named ‘Power over Wi-Fi’, this technology could boost your battery levels if you are within a 30-ft distance from the hotspots.


Built with the combination of an access point and some sensors, PoWi-Fi makes use of the power that gets emitted along with the radio frequency waves deployed from Wi-Fi routers. A harvester is all that is required for PoWi-Fi to convert this emitted power into something useful, and that which can be consumed by your smart devices.

The only limitation is with the number of devices that can get charged up with this technology. Channeling the power would in turn cause the depletion of Wi-Fi availability, says Bryce Kellogg who has worked along with the technology.

But to an extent, this has been sorted out by optimizing the Wi-Fi channel for a three-way system than the normal continuous channel that’s been preferred.

The router used in this technology will also get rid of the barrier of modifying your existing Wi-Fi equipment to match with the technology.

So in effect, it demands nothing extra and offers a plug-and-play kindred experience simultaneously for wireless communication and charging.

That also will be one among the many reasons for which PoWi-Fi sounds to be the future in wireless charging technologies.

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