Mi Band is Now the World’s Most Preferred Fitness Band after Fitbit

June 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Time and again, Xiaomi is drawing out reasons as to why it is dubbed China’s Apple.

Let the design mimicries and product comparisons be kept aside; one factor for which the pet name holds valid is with the sales of its recently launched fitness wearable.


Apple Watch was an essential show-stealer, snatching a million unit sales on its very first day. Although with the one from Xiaomi not being close by numbers (only for the opening day sale), it does have something to point out to the world.

The fitness wearable Mi Band is now the second most sold wearable device on this planet, with only the Fitbit products topping above the one from Xiaomi.

According to stats from IDC, Xiaomi holds the second spot in wearable devices for the first quarter of 2015. The spot may come down if we consider the second quarter sales, especially with Apple Watch playing the big part in it.

However, the Chinese vendor has managed to be above other global players like Samsung, Garmin and Jawbone, with a total share of 24.6% among the wearable devices.

The period has witnessed Xiaomi shipping around 2.8 million Mi Bands, while Fitbit leads the race with a total shipment of 3.8 million units, accounting to 34.2% of the total market share.

Top Five

Xiaomi’s Mi Band made the debut in China during August 2015, and later got introduced in other key markets of Xiaomi like India, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

It’s also the first Xiaomi product to reach the US and European regions, with the device being launched across these regions earlier.  The device has been manufactured by Huami Technologies, who have also got their hands on the Xiaomi-branded Smart Scale device.

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