New System Keeps Vehicles Immobile if the Driver is Drunk

June 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Drunken driving has been an issue safety authorities are striving to bring down. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now come up with a system they believe could bring down the drunken driving accidents by a great level.

Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety, or shortly DADSS, is the new technology developed by the safety authorities and it gets the vehicle to remain immobile if a drunken driver is behind the wheel. The system was demonstrated by the officials at Washington, D.C. recently.


The mechanism works on the basis of two technologies. One is to analyze the user breath to detect the alcohol content, while the other is a touch-based one that makes use of an infrared ray guided through the driver fingertip.

If found guilty of having alcohol levels above the 0.8 threshold, the system will make sure that the vehicle doesn’t start the ignition, and will remain so until the driver sobers out or have someone else replace him in the driver seat.

Current breath analyzers require the driver to have his breath passed on through a tube provided. But with the new system, the airborne sample will be collected from the normal breathing right when he gets seated. The system will also be accurate enough to distinguish between the breaths of the one on driver seats from that of other passengers.


The authority has  expressed their wish to make this new system installed on all vehicles within the duration of five years.

NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind says that works are yet to be done, and said DADSS to be an optional feature to ensure the safety of drivers.

According to reports, drunken driving has been taking lives at the rates of one every 58 minute in the US alone.

When installed, the new technology is believed to save up to 7000 lives every year as per the estimations of Insurance Institute for Highway.

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