Chrome Will Now Consume Less Battery, Thanks to Flash Player Tweaks

June 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s no denying the fact that Google Chrome is one of the most cherished browsers across the globe.

But users who prefer Chrome might have sure noticed the dip in their notebook battery levels with prolonged usage. Such worries may just wane, as a new update has come calling.

Google has announced a new update for Chrome browser that wants to ease the battery consumption of your devices.

chrome battery use

The new update will have some key tweaks applied to the Adobe Flash usage, primarily cutting down the resource usage while it works.

With the new update, Chrome will trigger an ‘intelligent pause’ to the Flash contents that come along with the central Flash content, which includes the videos.

Animations and other stuff will be paused for the duration, which will have the browser work in a power-efficient manner. Users can still resume the paused contents at any time by clicking the ‘resume playback’ button.

New settings will be set to default under the Beta channel release, which has started rolling out to desktops across the globe.

It can also be altered manually by entering the content settings in Chrome. Users can also find the option to run all contents, like before, under the settings page.

It’s not the first time that contents of Flash are getting ditched to bring down battery drainage. iOS has already wiped out Flash contents following the widespread accusation of performance dip in the OS browsers.

More recently in January, Google has also made a jump to HTML5 from Flash for its YouTube contents.

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