Google’s New App Counts Food Calorie from Instagram Snaps

June 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

These days, it’s quite an oddity if you fail to find food snaps popping up when you open your Instagram feed.

It’s like Instagram has it mandatory under the terms and conditions for users to frame their dinners and meals for others to drool over.

We are not bothered about the reason behind these uploads, but those who love watching food snaps may quite soon be blessed with a healthy cause.

instagram app

Deepmind, a company owned by Google, has announced an app to count the calorie-intake associated with your snapped food item. The app would make use of specific algorithms to estimate the calorie content in the food that you snap and upload in your Instagram account.

It’s not quite sure which algorithm they would rely on; maybe they would count it using reference images that have got preset calorie counts.

Im2Calorie, which is the rumored name of the app, however seems to have a bumpy ride at times with the recognition of food items. This means, chances of getting a low calorie-count are not less even if it’s a high-calorie food.  In effect, you do have someone new to blame if your diet plan goes wrong!

But that’s not something which bothers Google, the parent company. They have already gathered the patent rights for this technology.

Users are also given the option to approve or disapprove the displayed calorie results, which might prove helpful for the developers to eliminate the inaccurate counts.

So for those who are about to ditch their calorie-count apps after reading this, it’s better you switch back to those at least for the time being.

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