AMD Off-Spring Carrizo Promises Better Life and Graphics to Mainstream Notebooks

June 5, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Vitalities of the mainstream laptop segment have taken an uptrend over the years. It was just a matter of matching up the entry-level requirements in a portable computer. But now it demands to be robust enough to topple even a desktop.

While Intel gets their chips to pervade a broader spectrum of these, AMD often gets their hands upon products that narrow the focus.

The newly launched one from AMD is not something that gets diverged from this. Carrizo, the sixth generation A-series processor, was launched in Taiwan with an emphasis on two specific parameters; graphics and battery.


Carrizo will squeeze in to the mainstream segment; with a price range between $US400-700. That’s where the cry for a solid graphics performance without compromising on the life reaches the brim. And as it seems, AMD may have just set new standards.

Carrizo claims a battery betterment of around 3 times of its rival products without chipping off the performance and efficiency. That’s a tidbit, which makes it excel above the rival product.

While Intel’s low-voltage chips served the right taste for users, it did so by letting down the performance. The on-board graphics in Carrizo is powered enough to decode H.265 high definition video at twice the efficiency of previous editions. And yes, it does support the 4K video technology.

Carrizo is built with an improved L1 cache, which comes with a reduced latency. Coming with the Bulldozer architecture, it also offers four computing cores, with another eight cores dedicated for the graphics requirements. Carrizo will also be the last to endure the Bulldozer architecture .

With the chipset being dispatched to manufacturers, AMD has said that Carrizo-powered notebooks will hit the market this month. Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba will all be lining up the Carrizo notebooks in the mainstream segment.

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