Microsoft Phone Companion Package to Bring in Cortana to Android and iOS Devices

June 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Microsoft revealed their universal approach with Windows 10, we never thought they had plans to include rival platforms in it. That’s how things are shaping up now as the global launch of their upcoming OS gets near.

A new Phone Companion app has been announced by Microsoft, along with which they have also announced the integration of Cortana on Android and iOS platforms.

As explained in their blog, the new Phone Companion app will be the built-in app for your Windows 10 PC.


What it brings in is the power of merging your PC with smartphone devices, regardless of the OS it runs on. Whether you are having an Android or an iOS device, you could easily backup your smartphone data in your Windows 10 PC using the Phone Companion app.

The app will make use of the smartphone apps like OneDrive, and OneNote, to let you access music, videos, notes, images, documents and anything else from any device.

But what essentially lifts the utility is the support of Cortana in these devices, making it the ‘first personal digital-assistant who works across your PC & your phone’ as claimed by the developers.

Previous announcements made it sure that the Windows Phone companion will be stepping down to PCs when you have the new Windows version installed in it. Further, Microsoft’s new announcement reveals that a distinct app will be featured for the Android and iOS devices, which would work in tandem with the one on your PC.

Almost every service will be carried through from the Windows version when it touches the rival platforms. These include accessing the unsaved data from any platform, setting up schedules and reminders, and other functions.

However, Microsoft has said that the lack of system access will prohibit the users from accessing features like settings toggle, hands free Cortana activation, apps opening etc.

Although they do mention that these services remain hindered for the time being, there’s a chance for Cortana to arrive in your Android or iOS devices in its full form, but only in the future.

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