Periscope Live Streaming App from Twitter Finally Comes to Android

June 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android users subscribed to Meerkat can now switch option to broadcast live videos to their Twitter followers. And that facility comes from the home of Twitter itself.

Periscope, the app that made its debut two months back on iOS, has now stepped on to the Android platform now to provide live video broadcasts and interactions within itself.

Twitter had some time ago acquired the live stream and broadcast service setup by Medium Corporation, and had desired to develop that app as the ‘closest thing to Teleporting’.


The app made the first appearance on Apple devices during March, upon which the creators vowed for an Android launch too within a few weeks. Although with the release happened beyond being the slated period, it does give some upper hand to the Android users over their iOS counterparts.

Android’s flow with the material design means Periscope will stick with the same when it pecks the Google OS. Besides, the OS also offers a host of notification controls for the Android edition.

Users will get notified when someone they follow shares a broadcast, or upload their first broadcast via Periscope. They could also make use of the Resume Notification to get back into the videos, exactly where it was stopped before it got interfered due to calls or messages.

The app will also let users to save the Broadcasts for future replays, without having the need of uploading the entire video.

That’s a big gain in terms of time and data consumption. However it does eats up a bit of data with its stream. Users have noted that a video of around ten minutes would deplete your data by more than 200 MB. Just be warned in case you are running low with your data balance.

Periscope is available on Google Play for free download, and will support all devices that run Android 4.4 KitKat or up.

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