HTC’s New Phablet Round the Bend; Octa-core Processor Inside

June 1, 2015, By Daniel Rapcencu

HTC has still got much to do before they find themselves a slot among the top global smartphone vendors. Though their flagship phone tops the charts in benchmark tests, the overall market share is nowhere close to the leading ones like Samsung, Apple or other Chinese vendors.

The company is now on an overhaul process, and will soon come up with some new smartphones. One among the first to get featured in that list would be the A50 model, which would be launched as a phablet.


Rumors are that things are getting shaped up in a swift manner so that the device comes to the masses without much delay.

The phablet will be launched initially in China, where bigger-sized phones enjoy a favorable market presence. HTC also reportedly desires to flush it out to other Asian markets.

@upleaks was the first to bring the device specs under the limelight. The 5.5-inch smartphone will get married to a host of specs that will put it somewhere below the premium segment.

An octa-core Mediatek MT6753T processor will be loaded on to the device and it will be accompanied by a RAM of 2GB.

HTC won’t have the Ultrapixel technology loaded in A50, as reports suggest for a 13MP front-cam and 5-MP rear cam which will be of Samsung make.

The downgrade comes in the display department, which will pack a resolution of only 720×1280.

Considering the bigger size, it needs to be seen whether the gamble would be favoring the device. There is also a drought in terms of the in-built storage as 16 GB is all what is available within.

We are not sure whether HTC would cut down the memory slots to bargain with its cost. No word yet on the launch date too.

But what seems sure is an Android 5.0 L OS that will run with HTC Sense 7.0 skin atop. The smartphone will also come with dual-SIM slots.

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