Mozilla Strategy for Quality over Cost; Phasing Out $25 Smartphone

May 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After being left far behind in the race with Google and iOS, Mozilla has finally found themselves in a state of cognizance.

The company is bowing out from its low-cost smartphone initiative, shifting the emphasis now on quality.

The decision was put forward following the failure to seize sufficient propulsion with its $25-priced smartphone.

The shift in its mobile stratagem has been explained by CEO Chris Beard in his mail to the employees of the company.


The mail reportedly reads out that the focus now will be to enrich user experience, rather than drawing it veritably upon the cost factor.

It can be pretty much summed up that Mozilla won’t be off the cost-effective platform entirely. In fact, the upcoming smartphones boosting the OS can be expected to be falling somewhat in between the cheaper ones and premium ones.

As with the case of Firefox OS, plans are to employ support for Android apps to cope with the OS revolution. Now that doesn’t mean you would be able to flush in the entire batch of apps available on Google’s appstore.

Rather, Firefox OS would have the entry accessed selectively. Priority still remains with the web-apps and APIs under the Ignite Initiative under which the future OS will evolve.

Alongside, Android app compatibility will be ensured for the popularly used ones. They haven’t mentioned the criteria although for being a key app.

Upcoming entry-level Firefox OS powered smartphones will also be the first to be rolled out with version 2.2 loaded in it. Besides, Mozilla will also urge its OEM partners to roll out with the latest version of Firefox OS, leaving behind v1.0.

Despite its minute market hold, Firefox OS has found a reasonable presence in terms of the smartphone vendors, which includes Alcatel, ZTE, and LG Electronics. However, they might not drop back from luring more vendors with their new initiative.

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