Your Security Questions Aren’t Secure, Google Finds

May 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all have stumbled upon security questions many a time in our life. Chances are that you might have at least once wondered how far these questions are secure enough.

Ask Google and they do have the answer for your query, that it’s not essentially a secure way.

A recent study carried out by Google reveals that security questions tend to be a less reliable method for retrieving your accounts.

security questions

Google’s research states that many of these questions appear to be too insecure that makes it unreliable in many areas. Assessment of the question-answer setup explains why it seems so.

Google researches deem many of the answers given for these questions to be non-genuine. That’s not to contradict the authenticity of the user.

But it’s just that users tend to input more frequently used or remembered answers than using the right ones, which hold a lesser probability in being remembered. Eventually, the case remains the same as users do tend to forget the wrongly-input answers too.

That’s not all. Chances are also high for your account getting hacked with a recovery question. Mass hacking efforts often hit the right spot with security questions when they include frequently used answers.

Instead of localizing the attack upon a small domain of accounts, hackers usually prefer to attack a large domain of accounts by providing small and frequently used combinations of answers. Besides, security questions like place of birth and favorite food prove weak, as they are open to an easy guess.

Around hundreds of millions of secret answers were analyzed by the researchers along with recovery claims for summing up the research.

The study has also made Google to stick with alternate methods for password recovery, which includes SMS and e-mail recovery methods.

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