Light Phone is a Non-Smart Phone that Deals with Calls, and Only Calls

May 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The basic necessity behind mobile phone invention was the demand of a portable device for calling. Then arrived the smartphone; which pushed the calling functions to secondary, tertiary and further to the least necessity in such a device.

We do have users who still love to carry along a phone that’s not near to being smart. For those and for all who still thinks that mobile phones are for making calls, a new initiative will soon be arriving.

Named the Light Phone, all it matters for this device is to connect you with calls and nothing else.


Light Phone discards absolutely all the present day must-haves, which include camera, music, video, internet surfing and even SMS. All it brings in is a tiny dot matrix LED display with a touch-module dialpad, which resembles an old pocket calculator.

The pre-paid GSM phone also offers an app that integrates with the smartphone devices you use. That’s how it intends to become your ‘phone away from home’. This integration will have the calls in your smartphone re-directed to Light Phone, thus by avoiding the necessity to handle bulky devices for call.

It even works when you are away, regardless of the network carrier you are subscribed to. So you are never going to miss your calls even if you leave your smartphones back at work or home, provided you do have the Light Phone with you. Now that’s not a big deal either, with its size measuring as that of a credit card.

Light Phone also claims to offer a battery life of 20 days. The body packs a micro USB slot for charging, along with a power button, volume control, microphone and speaker.


Light Phone is priced at $100, and currently is running the crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.

The bundle is to include the phone, a pre-loaded Mini SIM (whose credits have to be retained for the functioning), a charger and also other surprises, which they might be revealing when it comes out to sale.

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