Q1 Smartphone Sales; Samsung on Top, Chinese Players See Boom

May 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The list is out on the top players in smartphone industry for the first quarter period of 2015. While there are no huge surprises in the overall list, it does bring in some exciting revelations, which indeed hints at the trend among big players of industry.

Samsung back to being sole topper

The last quarter of 2014 witnessed the most intense battle among the top two players. The year ended with Samsung and Apple standing tied in terms of market share. Success or Apple got credited with the launch of iPhone 6, aided by the bigger sized iPhone 6Plus.


Now with the sales drying out over the period of time, Samsung has clinched the top spot with a share of 24.6%. Apple, whose share was tied with Samsung at 20.10% during the previous quarter, managed to achieve a share of 18.3%, which converts to sales of 61.6 units.

Chinese makers rule the roost in top 10

Of all the global vendors out there, the Chinese were probably the quickest to response to the market trends. After making a name in the local market, the stepping out of Chinese manufacturers to the global market had made a huge impact on the smartphone trends.

The scenario is even bigger this time. Seven of the top ten smartphone manufacturers now are from China. Lenovo and Huawei have maintained their third and fourth spots with a share of 5.5% and 5.1% respectively.

Ushering in a change to the top-five list is the absence of Xiaomi, who had made it to the top three during the third quarter of 2014. The Chinese makers dropped off from the top five with a share of 4.4%, inches away from LG who made it back to the fifth spot with 4.5% of market share.

The remaining slots in the list were filled in by ZTE (3.5%), Yulong (3.2%) and Alcatel (2.8%). We also saw Vivo making its debut in the top-ten list with a share of 2.7%.


No eternal giants in smartphone industry

Gone are the times when Nokia and Sony used to be permanent players in the toppers’ list . With the recent list wiping out these two names from top ten, the former giants appear to be nothing but long-forgotten names in the field of smartphones.

A return to glory for Microsoft seems too far from reality, while Sony has already disclosed its plans to drift away from smartphone business. The story of HTC is also not quite different too.

Numbers count

Efforts of vendors to fight for their spots are worth appreciable. But besides these spots, the figures show a drop in their percentage share. Except for the South Korean manufacturer, every other vendor has failed to improve their overall stake in the market.

It’s hard to tell what it suggests precisely. But as a whole, the market doesn’t remain what it used to be. Customers are thrown with a plethora of alternatives, and smartphone vendors need to be aware of this fact if the stakes are not to drop further.

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