From Boarding to Tracking Flight Details, Lufthansa’s Apple Watch App Handles Them All

May 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Being Europe’s largest airline means you certainly cannot pull yourself back from the latest tech-world trends. Maybe you can, but only if it’s not in any way related with the tech-celeb of the moment,

Apple Watch, indeed! Big shots from almost all fields are in the line to turn up inside the tiny screen of Cupertino smartwatch, and Lufthansa Airlines doesn’t wish to stand apart.

After nearly one month since its arrival, the Apple Watch will now be welcoming a new app from the German Airlines to please the travelers.

Lufthansa app

From checking the flight details to boarding your flight using Passbook, the new app intends to offer a complete hands-free experience to be aware of whatever that’s related to their flight.

The new Apple Watch App gets the sync with your iPhone/ iPad app by means of Bluetooth, which can be used to save your boarding card on Apple Passbook; sufficient enough to let you board your flight in a hands-free procedure.

The app also puts almost all your flight-related data to your Apple Watch screen. Details like flight status, boarding time, terminal, gate and seat numbers etc can be instantly displayed on your Apple Watch with this new app. You could also check out the time left to board your flight.

Passengers can also check the weather details of their destinations. So in case you are stuck with the decision of whether or not to carry your shower jackets, just call for your help from this app.

Besides, there’s also a notification that reminds of your flight and destination a day before; no worries to the day/date-unaware ones.

The company has said that some of the functions in the app would only be available to those who own Miles & More card. But that’s just for the time being, as these functions will be made available to all passengers in the future.

The app is now available for free download on Apple’s Appstore.

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