Layout App from Instagram Marches Towards Android

May 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Collage creation in Android is not a big deal. You do have a countless number of apps to form your favorite mashed up images on your device. However, when it comes from your beloved image sharing platform, it certainly feels unique.

After having its run across the iOS platform, Instagram has finally decided to hurl its collage app to the Android OS.

The app, named Layout, will let users mash up to 9 images in their collages, which they could wishfully deposit across the social media.


Unlike the other collage apps, Layout allows you to select the photos first; following which it would suggest some matching collage layouts, depending on the number of photos you have selected.

Images can be selected from your camera roll or can be directly send to the Layout app after snapping. Pictures can be shuffled and flipped around to match what’s in your mind.

Users can also rearrange the border layouts and have their pictures replaced before you are done with the collaged image.

The better part is that you could try out the new app even if you lack an Instagram account. Users can share the collaged images to social networking sites including Facebook.

In case you don’t wish to share the final works to any social media platform, you could still have it saved on your gallery.

Instagram released the Layout app initially on iOS platform back in March, the success of which hasn’t been revealed yet.

Instagram has also brought out the Structure tool to Android, which aims at enhancing the texture and details in your snaps. The feature will soon be rolled out to iOS.

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