Facebook Messenger to Integrate Third-party Apps

May 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s Messenger app doesn’t boast a huge success story compared to its parent site. Ever since its stand-alone stepped on to smartphones, the app has been striving hard to keep its foot on the pedal.

The recent efforts covered the inclusion of third party app support and video calls. And as the next step, Facebook is planning to bring out more to the list.

Reports are that the social networking giants are planning to include games to the Messenger app to invoke the interest among its users. This is following the  first set of third-party integration failing to generate any desired amuse.

Inside The F8 Facebook Developers Conference

Messenger extended third-party app support earlier this year. However, those focused only on chat enhancement, mostly with the inclusion of additional emojis and GIFs from third parties. In that case, the support for games could be considered as a big jump considering inclusion of higher revenue apps.

Facebook is currently forwarding discussions with third party developers for their inclusion to Messenger. The effort is led by Facebook executive Ilya Sukhar, who has also confirmed the matter. However, no further details has been slipped out, which means we would still have to wait to know a precise date on which the games would land on messenger.

Messenger’s high number with its registered users is partially credited with the discontinuation of messages in the Facebook app. Although with the numbers being high, the app has been sluggish in terms of the recent addition.

The rush behind the upcoming inclusion of games also suggests the same. Recently, the Messenger services were also introduced as a dedicated web application for desktop users.

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