Firefox TV Debuts in Europe; Panasonic Ushers in 6 New Models

May 20, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The maiden venture of Mozilla in its new domain is finally out. After almost a year of collective exercise by Panasonic and Mozilla, the former has brought out six new models that will be powered by Firefox OS for the first time in TV sector.

CR850, CR730, CX800, CX750, CX700 and CX680 are the models that have arrived distinctly across various parts of Europe.

Of these, the CX700 TV is a 50-inch one that will be sold across British through Currys. The model boasts 4K display technology alongside 3D viewing and is priced at £999.00 ($1570 USD).

tvThe 40-inch version of CX680 is being sold for £791 $ (1,240 USD). However, the prices of models are to vary across the continent.

For the rest of the world, Mozilla is planning to launch the devices in the coming months. As explained in its blog, the company’s Panasonic collaboration is eyeing to inject openness and flexibility to TVs with Firefox OS, lifting user-friendliness and customizability in smart TVs.

The HTML 5 optimization also provides a smoother platform to web connectivity and apps, the latter for which Mozilla lays out its own developer APIs.

The device was first announced during CES 2014, following which they unveiled the TV details to the masses earlier this year.

Firefox OS has also made its appearance on smartphones, which however got pushed way beneath in the Android and iOS dominated smartphone race. The OS is also yet to touchdown on developed markets.

The scenario is however different in the case of TV OSes. As of now, there’s no dominant name that single-handedly runs the whole TV business with their OS. Android hasn’t iterated their smartphone success in the big screen sector.

As a matter of fact, it can be summed up that Firefox TVs would be making it’s debut first before Firefox powered smartphones penetrate into the remaining markets. We are not sure whether the latter would happen.

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