Bleep from BitTorrent is Secure that it Leaves Behind no Trail

May 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We never consider the concerns with security and privacy in messenger apps to be trivial.  The belief even adds up when we switch from devices to devices with the syncing turned on.

Almost the entire messenger apps available now make use of the cloud services to offer the best for  users. Here’s where the newly launched Bleep app stands apart  from the rest.

Bleep is the new app that is coming out of the alpha phase for iOS users. Chances are that desktop iOS and Android users might have become familiar with this simple, yet secure app by now.


And to get more involved with it, let’s remind you that it comes from none other than BitTorrent, the world’s favorite peer to peer file hosting and sharing service. And it adapts the same to make your conversations safe, secure and private.

Bleep uses no central servers for your messages to pass through before it reaches where it was sent to. It means, the app doesn’t leave any footsteps of your messages as like in other services to a central server.

Also, there is no multi-device syncing, which means your messages and conversations would stay on a single device, no matter from how many devices you log in.

The next thing they have taken care of is to improve the encryption with their message services.

And that’s done with the help of an end-to-end encryption, which along with the peer technology provides a better encryption that changes the key for every single message that’s been exchanged.

There’s also a whisper mode to which you can switch, which will have the media files you exchange deleted within a 25-second timeframe.

The names of the person you converse with also gets bleeped. We don’t quite get the use of that as the media still prevails as long as you could snap a screenshot of the chat window.

You could also link your e-mail account or phone number to let your friends add you in their Bleep friend list instantly, without requesting the unique key each receives.

Bleep comes as the second effort by BitTorrent to spur an alternate to the cloud technology in smartphone universe. As of now, it certainly puts a step forward in terms of privacy. But maybe we just have to wait to see what additions it unfolds for us in the coming days.

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