Forget Patterns and Passwords; Iris Technology is Here to Have Things Authorized with Just a Glance

May 18, 2015, By Alex Badinici

With technology fast pacing along the line of progress, security measures are getting bolstered each day making things quick, safe and secure.

The latest getting adopted is the iris recognition technology, which could authorize your secure transactions with just a stare from you.

Developments in the field are sporadic, considering the input, but Japanese company Fujitsu is taking us a step closer to the technology.


In association with telecom service providers NTT Docomo, Fujitsu is launching the first ever smartphone that boasts the technology of iris-sensing, and it is called Arrows NX F-04G.

With this device in your hand, all it requires would be just a glance to have it unlocked. The better part is that iris-sensing is not just constrained to locking or unlocking.

Recognition of eye-pattern stretches out to countless applications which even involve money transactions for payments and shopping. Secure apps can also be authorized by means of eye-recognition.

Fujitsu’s new device makes use of a miniature front-facing infrared camera that directs the IR LED to the user’s eye to trace the pattern.

Initial setup will have users specific eye pattern recorded by letting them stare at the unique circular patterns on the screen.

Once saved, the pattern forms the reference for further use. However, unlike other modes of security, iris-sensing holds the benefit of bettering its accuracy each time it’s been recorded.

Apart from the eye-recognition technology, the device sports some high end features which include a 5.-inch display of 2560×1440 QHD resolution,  3 GB RAM, 32GB inbuilt storage and a primary cam of 21 MP.

Fujitsu will have the device launched in Japan during the last week of May. Arrows will only be the first, and not the sole device that would brag the iris-sensing feature this year.

Previously, ZTE had unveiled such an effort with inducing the same in their upcoming smartphone. Mobile giants Samsung also holds a patent for eye-recognition technology.

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