Qualcomm’s AllPlay Audio Module Now Ushers  in In-Built Bluetooth Support

May 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Qualcomm has finally taken heed of the cravings of some of its vendors.

A new upgrade has now been announced for its Specialized Audio Module, which brings in features like connectivity additions and re-streaming, additional custom settings and optimized sync.

Connectivity additions include Bluetooth re-stream support as well as line-in auxiliary support to bolster the list of devices that would tune in to an AllPlay system.

inbuilt BT

AllPlay will have the audio streamed from devices via Bluetooth, which will be transmitted to the speaker system by means of Wi-Fi re-stream.

Previously, vendors were forced to induce their own stream services to lend the Bluetooth support. AllPlay vendors like Hitachi and Monster devices can be soon expected to hit the market with this new upgrade. The company also expects the Bluetooth-Wi-Fi streaming to be a game-changing combination for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Addition of line-in support with the inclusion of auxiliary port also will buck up the streaming services, extending its hands to the devices that lack any wireless mode of connection. The feature will work the same way as Bluetooth, clustering the Wi-Fi network to its speakers by means of re-stream.

Besides, the upgrade also hands the feature of custom equalization settings to users, alongside other options like channel selection. AllPlay now will also offer optimized synchronization, for cutting down the stream delay when airing to multiple devices to between 5 and 100 microseconds.

One among the first to feature the new AllPlay SOM will be Hitachi’s AllPlay speakers, which will be made available on Walmart later this month for a pricing of $149 and above. Further vendors like ASUSTeK, Vestel and Magnat will also be joining forces with AllPlay soon.

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