Google to Add ‘Buy’ Button on Mobile Search Results Soon

May 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s desire to burst forth into an e-commerce platform is now guiding the company to introduce a new feature, which could be another huge leap on that domain.

Reports suggest that the tech giant is all set to bring out a new ‘buy’ button to cut down e-shopping into a rather one-click process.

In most of the cases you search for a product on Google, it’s apparent that the driving force to perform these searches is the intent to purchase.


Also as it seems, Google believes that’s the case only with Mobile users, as the new buy button will start popping up only on searches made through mobiles.

Product-centered searches will now be adding a button to buy when the results are displayed. These would be popping up along with the sponsored search results on the window; one of the prime efforts of Google to step up to the world of e-commerce.

A click on the button will have you guided to the product page by Google instead of the actual retailer, from where you could complete your order after finalizing your choices of color, quantity etc.

The measure might seem as Google squaring it against popular vendors. However, Google on the other hand intends to boost sales of e-commerce vendors that hold a space in their sponsored search results. The Buy button will be featured only on the sponsored search results, and they believe chances will be high for a purchase when made through small screens.

The ones retailing and shipping the product would still be the retailers. With this, Google is bridging the gap from e-commerce vendors by being only a purchase interface for the usual sites of users.

The report on The Wall Street Journal also suggests the new feature to arrive on smartphone searches within a few weeks. We are just waiting to see Google elaborate on this.

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