You Can Pre-register Upcoming Apps on Google Play Store Now

May 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you happen to notice a new ‘Pre-Register’ signboard under certain apps while surfing inside Google Play Store? Then you have just you bumped into the upcoming app by Glu mobiles.

Google has introduced a new feature in its Android app store that lets users pre-register upcoming apps.

Apps that are ‘Coming Soon’ will have a pre-register button replacing the usual Buy/Install button present in other apps. Just tap on it, and you might not be let down if you would want to grab them as early as you could.


Google’s pre-register option takes nothing off your wallet. The initiative has been spawned to let users be notified when the apps are available for download, and doesn’t cost you anything like with your pre-orders for physical stuff. In fact, it’s not even compulsory that you make your download once the app is available.

Users can also cancel the pre-register anytime when checking in, by just tapping the Unregister button.

Rather than a ticket to the app, Google’s pre-register option is just to inform people when the app becomes available.  Once you get registered, there is also an option to share the news of the upcoming app in your circles.

Glu Mobiles is the first to offer the pre-register services in app store with its upcoming game Terminator Genisys: Revolution. The services will soon have its expansion across other upcoming games, including the high profile ones for which it prove perky.

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