CHIP, the Cheapest Computer in the World, is Now Up for Crowdfunding

May 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever thought of a computer that costs just one tenth of the so-called cheap tablets? That’s what a group named Next Thing Co. wants to offer; a computer at the price, or even less than what a thumb drive or memory card could cost.

Named the CHIP, this computer is an essential computing machine that cuts down the cost of computing technology to $9 a piece. That makes it the cheapest available computer in the world today.

Even Raspberry’s Pi 2, the current record holder for being cheap, seems a bit overprized relatively with its $35 price tag.


The low cost is attributed to the cheaper SoCs by Allwinner, which even at low costs offer a solid performance.

Chipping in is a 1GHz processor, a RAM of 512 GB and an onboard storage of 4GB. Wi-FI and Bluetooth integration makes the device work seamlessly with any of the external peripherals. Seriously, aren’t all these massive when you shell out just $9 to own it?

However, CHIP is not a stand-alone computer, for at least you need the display part to be attached separately. Of the connectible peripherals, PocketCHIP forms the official interface portal for CHIP.

Coming with a 4.3 inch resistive touch-screen, PocketCHIP offers multiple port support along with a QWERTY keyboard, which make  it resemble an enlarged Blackberry.

CHIP is basically aiming to be a developer chip, with an out-of-the-box support for Linux OS. It could prove handy for small scale startups and developers that are eyeing to rush in with computing gadgets and wearables.

But CHIP can offer a decent functionality even when used as a standalone. Video playback and internet surfing won’t seem to be a hefty task if having the CHIP connected to an external display.

CHIP is currently running its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. With more than two weeks remaining for the campaign to end, CHIP has already raised the funding above the required.

A pledge of $9 will hand you a single chip, with the accessories being expanded as you pledge higher amounts. The highest pledge of $498 will hand you with 10 pieces each of CHIP and PocketCHIP.

The device will however take time before it comes out to your hand. The expected shipping date listed is before May, 2016.

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